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2/0 AWG, Red, Battery Cables

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Brand: Pacergroup
2/0 AWG, Red, Battery Cables

Pacer Group's 2/0 AWG Red Battery Cable Assemblies are all made to order. How are they produced? The process starts by using Pacer Group's UL approved marine cable. The cables are cut to the desired length by using a precision cut and strip machine. This machine allows for accurate and repeatable cuts. After the cable is cut to the proper length, terminals are added to the ends. Pacer Group utilizes a hydraulic-pneumatic crimper in order to create a superior gas tight crimp. After the terminals are correctly crimped, epoxy heat shrink is added to the assembly. The heat shrink is applied to create a moisture and airtight connection.

This process creates the highest quality battery cable assemblies. These 2/0 AWG red battery cable assemblies are made in such a way that they outlive the battery itself. Pacer Group builds all assemblies with the boater in mind. They are easy to bend and route and are durable and flexible. The battery cable assemblies are designed to withstand the harshest marine conditions possible. They are resistant to Acid, Alkali, Abrasion, Flame, Gasoline, Oil and Moisture. Contact a Pacer Group expert today with any questions you have.


  • Pacer UL Approved Battery Cable (Type III Stranded Tinned Copper)
  • Epoxy Lined Heat Shrink
  • Custom Lengths and Configurations Available
  • Easy to bend and route
  • Excellent flexibility with the durable properties of PVC



Cond. Stranding


Nom. Ins. Thickness


Nom. O.D.


Nom. Circular Mils


Nom. MM2




  • UL Standard 1426 BC-5W2
  • AWM 1232/1284
  • ABYC: E-11.16
  • Coast Guard: 33 CFR part 183 Subpart 1


  • Exceed UL 486 and MIL-T-7928 



  • Conductor: Annealed fine stranded tinned copper ASTM B172 Class K
  • Insulation: -20 °C to 105 °C Flexible color coded PVC
  • Temperature Rating: 105 °C Dry, 75 °C Wet, 60 °C Oil
  • Voltage Rating: 600-V
  • Resistant to: Acid, Alkali, Abrasion, Flame, Gasoline, Oil and Moisture

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